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Prostaglandin Development 

Specialized in developing of Prostaglandin Generics, new indications and extension of areas of use of established products with longlasting N.A. 


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The Businessconcept

The Product
PGE2 Gel
Indicated for the prevention and treatment  of inflammation and ulcers in the oral cavitiy as 
Mucositis due to radio or chemotherapy - up to 100%
Mucositis due to chemo - up to 40%
Cancer sores - 20% of the population
Denture stomatitis - 15-70% of denture wearers
Recurrent stomatitis aphthosa

PGE2 and mucoprotection
The cytoprotective effect of PGE2 is not only for the gastric mucosa but for oral mucosa documented as well.
PGE2 is a stimulating salivation and enhancing mucinsecretion. During recurrent stomatitics aphthosa PGE2 production is decreased and will increase after healing.
Mucositis due to chemo, radio to chemotherapy alone may limit the ability to tolerate the therapy. Mucositis is a challenge frequently in cancer patients. This side effect causes significant morbidity and may delay treatment plans and may extend hospitalization. Mucositis pain is definitely a major clinical Problem associated with cancer treatment.

Market opportunity
For the time being there is NO effective therapy of oral mucositis of various causations.
Orphan drug status possible.
No comparable product on the market.

PGE2 treatment of various oral ulcers and inflammation is a new and innovative therapeutic concept.
In the late 80 ande the early 90 PGE2 has been used for the prevention and treatment of oral mucositis due to radio/chemo therapy or chemo alone. The aim of the clinical trials was to proof, if PGE2 has a positive effect on the reduction of inflammation and pain. The local absorption has been documented as well and no considerable alteration of plasma levels of PGE2 has been found.
The published results are indicating that the local application of PGE2 is promising and a clinically therapeutical approach for prevention and treatment of chemotherapy induced severe mucositis.
Only within EU yearly 3.4 Mio new cases of cancer.
As a first step the marketing concentration should be aligned to chemotherapy induced mucositis and as following indications cancer sores and recurrent stomatisis aphtosa.
The most appealing productform seems to be a gel containing 0.5mg PGE2.

EU wide 3.4 Mio new cancer cases per year is the potential frame for the product.
In case that 10% of the 3.4 Mio will be treated we are taking about 340.000 patients treatments.As chemotherapy is applied not only once but in cycles the medication will be manifold x 340.000.

Offering Appeals to:
Companies focused within oncology products.
Companies with the relevant experience and commercial/marketing set-up for introducing a new product to the market.

Effects of PGE1 Treatment

Not transportable CHF patients become eligible for HTX and the death rate of patients on waiting lists is 20% instead of 50%. Some patients have been delisted (maybe cured?). Patients are OUT patients and there are significantly less hospitalisations. There are better longterm outcomes of HTX, an IMPROVEMENT of the overall quality of life and the treatment is COSTEFFICIENT.


Hunting versus Hospitalisation


Does he look like  someone waiting         for HTX?                         


Biking instead of ICU

Local Prostaglandin E2 in Patient with Oral Malignancies:


Condition during radiotherapy (after 12th betatron course and fluorouracil and mitomycin C medication) and PGE2 treatment (total dose, 24 mg).


Desquamatin bullous inflammation of oral mucosa in a patient of the controll group


Condition during radiotherapy with desquamating bullous inflammation of the oral mucosa in a patient of the control group